The World of Pilantica!

I bet you are wondering what The World of Pilantica happens to be? The simple truth, is that it is a role-playing forum, based around the idea of ancient city-states, where each city was like unto it's own nation.

The way it works, is that as each city group grows, the ability for that group to do things increases. One of many things that each city-state can do to compete each other, and eventually take over each other, is to go to war. War can be anything from a friendly competition, to who can sway the most from the other city over to their side.

We hope you will enjoy our community, and will take advantage of what we are offering!

May the best City-State win!

News and Announcements

by Joshua Farrell
This just in....

Joshua Farrell had just made a sample news article. Citizens beware! THis may alter the way that the world is done! But do not fret, there may be hope and sunshine over the rainbow!